in my bed

Night has come

Insomnia begins

I lay
cant sleep

All night
thoughts of him
torture me

I toss

I turn

Twisted up
in my sheets

His name 
I call

Body arched

Imaginary touch
skin covered in chill bumps

In my mind
his lips taste sweet

I gaze at the moon
for I know its shinning on him too

I make a wish
for him to be next to me soon

Eclipsed by his love
forever I will be

His love
lights my eternity

Consumed by fire

I burn
deep within

from desire 

I long for only him

The night has been long and cruel
leaving me in need of you

Day breaks in

Reality~Wake's up

I force myself out of bed 
his face out of my head

Is this what it means to be sleepwalking
or I'm I living a dream? 

One thing I know is true
I am alive when I am dreaming of you

Your handsome face
bright as the sun

Piercing eyes
intense and deep

Lips soft petaled rosebuds

Strong body
with a tender heart

Words of his faithful love for me
softly into my ear  he speaks

Thoughts of him torture me

On my mind
he lingers so sweet

maybe I am not

I couldn't possibly be

Since we've met
sleep has gone from  me

I am falling in love.. I confess

When he is not near
my soul cant find rest 

In my heart I carry him with me

I belong to him and he to me

Trading sleep
just to be with him


Kristine L.

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