~No Regrets~

In the beginning of something new is like walking inside a dark room

Scary a little but worth the thrill

Un-knowing what to expect

If into a wall you will hit

I would say its like standing in the sunshine too
it's light revealing possibilities awaiting you

Do you live afraid, always hiding to protect yourself?

Do you keep your heart on a shelf not wanting to be shot down
always filled with self doubt?

I would say your dead and not alive at all!
Wake up..your life calls.

Sometimes, yes life will let you down but even through pain love can be found

How will you ever know whats on the other side if you never let go

Jump in

Throw caution to the wind

For you may never get the opportunity again.

Life is a story

Adventure adds the color

Love is the fragrance

Pain makes you stronger

At the end of my time

I don't want empty pages to be what fills up my story

My book I want it to read of a woman who had no regrets

Loved with all her heart


Learned to moved on
through the rough parts

My story will be of a woman who's life had meaning

She in it being
completely fulfilled

K. L.

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