~ I Am A Poetess~

I've always wondered
if I had any special gifts

Now I know
exactly what it is

It came to me
when I picked up
paper & pen

People say
I write in color

Expressing myself

My emotions
drawing pictures for them

Words come to life
as they read the stories I tell

Feeling everything

That I wrote

How I felt

Painting life
with an inkwell

My heart
spilling onto a page

 I write
its natural as breathing air

Taking in life

Exhaling poetry


1 comment:

  1. creation is a self expression, your pour yourself here at pages or canvases, but what's your limit to your self...? If you describe nature or any person or character, do not they apply going beyond your self, or expanding your self? Art and poetry are a medium to connect with infinite! Wonderful poem!