~Life, Waking Up~

I want to feel the wind
I want to dance again

Feel the sun on my face

Its warmth melt the cold from my heart
dry the tears that have stained my face

Light shine on the beauty around me,
let not my sadness take and keep it hidden from my eyes to see

I have been walking around in a fog a daze like my life is a dream

I need to wake up and get back
start re-living

But when I have feelings of happiness,
I again start to feel depressed, guilty in a sense

If I choose to move forward,
I have to let them go, leave them behind,in the past

The sole reason why its makes carrying on the hardest

Though their bodies lay in the ground
my love for them will never be put to rest

Always remembered and greatly missed

It hurts to live life right now with them missing from it

But time will not wait and carry on I must,
it's the only way for healing of my broken heart to begin and take place

You never know when your life will take a dramatic change and
remember others too go through many kinds of pain

Life unfolds and that's who you can blame,
it does not play fair and pays no attention to names

But we all have a choice how we will handle and carry on through it,
when it rips out your heart and slaps you in the face


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