~Moon Dance Song~

Trying to fall fast asleep
to return to the place where you and I meet

It is there in my dreams
where you become my reality

No distractions or interruptions

No differences

Time loses it's existence.

No dessert nor sea in between

Only the feelings I have for you and the feelings you have for me

Nothing left to hinder my love for thee

Under the sky by the sand is where you ask for my hand

Your face lite by the moon, stargazed and lost in your eyes

I fall deeper into you

Embraced in your arms while we dance on the beach until night becomes the dawn

Dancing to the music of the tides playing our moon dance song

Out from the shadows into my dreams
you've come to give your heart to thee

You have traveled long and far to dance and fall in love with me

Can you hear the music I play....
while I dream of you, as my soul calls out your name?

Sleeping with you under the moon is how I wish to end my each and everyday

When the sun is high I can still feel you near my side

Huming to your tune all day as I wait for the night to bring me back
where I may dream and once again feel the touch of you

We will pick up were we left off

Continue our dance to the rhythm of beating hearts
making music that never stops

Carry me away to the place under the sky

I want to hear the moon play our song

We shall dance together all night long

To the moon dance song


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