~Intrepid Love~

I am crazy for you
my emotions I cant hide

Run at first
I did try

I will no longer deny

I want you in my life

I ask you to stand beside me

Beyond eternity

Your loves giant
I once tried to fight

Your victory

My heart
Win it
You just might

Your love is strong
passion intense

I lay myself down
my every defence

For the battle was not with you,
I have been fighting emotions within myself

You the victor to whom I sweetly surrender

Carry me now
off into splendor

I have fallen,
fallen in love with you

what am I supposed to do?

Do I keep on fighting a battle I know I will always lose


Instead fight for me and you?

This battle is long from being over

Only in having you will I say I win

If I can not
then we both lose

I will stay

I will not back down

In your arms is the only place I will become safe and sound

You have become the lock & the key

Free my heart and I shall give it to thee

My soul will forever be chained to you

My love I give

Now it belongs to you

I am sorry for striking at first and leaving war wounds,
let me now somehow heal were I once hurt you..

A caress instead of a bruise

My hearts captor I surrender to you


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