~Jessica Is Her Name~

Jessica is her name

Since you left
my life is re arranged

I cry


I hurt from deep within

If I could look at you
one more time again

Jessica, my sister & beloved friend
life with out you just isn't the same

I miss your light
your smile so bright

I did not fully understand how precious you were until now

Thinking there will always be a tomorrow
another chance to show

Jessica, I am sorry & I love You

Saying it now hurts
cause gone is my chance to tell you so

We shared childhood days many memories compiled and made

Treasures & blessings as my sister she gave

We watched each other grow up
She help nurture me into the women I am today

Now I visit her at your grave

The life
we shared & lived together
now my heart has an empty space

I know this truth
the bond we shared not even time can erase

I'ts been hard moving forward & letting you go

So, I ask you to lend me your strength
I remember how you carried yours silently

The beauty of your soul
that you wore on your face

The feel of your arms
they never tired of giving grace

A heart of gold

You walked in the way of tenderness and now you live on,
in those whom to it, you freely gave

I feel you now in the suns rays
as you shine from above down upon my face

I know you want me to move forward
to look ahead to that day

When I reach the other side & see your smiling face
My beautiful sister
so dear to me

Jessica is her name

My life
without her just isn't the same...


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