~ Path & The Traveler~
We were going down life's road
when your path crossed mine unsupposed
Crashed a better would used I suppose
It felt like being struck in the face
but it was my heart that took the blow
Living in kiltered directions
Two separate oceans
existing on opposite shores
I believe in destiny...
we were supposed to meet
Our paths merging to make each other's complete
If you leave me now
the road trip toward love will be unfinished
We will remain incomplete
A journey
of hundreds uphill miles
A bridge we must find
Cross over
Connect our lives
It may shake
It will sway
but worth the ride
every step bringing your heart closer to mine
No map or direction needed
the path chose us
the guidance that merged us
You in my arms awaits at the end of this road
Which path will you choose to go?

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