Time passes in a bottle, tear's gather and slowly fall,
carving deep crevasse's in every human soul.

We build lives as hungry wolf's. Lust for possessions are the rule.
Tossing out worthy brick while the wall's around our heart grow callous and thick

We wipe away the stains while new ones appear.
Scratching and tearing at the man we created in the mirror.

I was told a story once, of silver lining the sky. Do you know where the diamonds lay? Does one search high, or is it a matter of them falling into place?

Could I have missed an important detail? what is it I still lack ?
I feel as an uninvited guest to the table, where rich feast on sweet fortune and good will. And I dine on fallen crumbs. Hope, is my meal.

I stood on a mountain top where the sky fell,
clouds danced, and flowers grew under a blowing purple haze

My fortune spent, love, proved to be costly,
leaving my heart bankrupt and broke.

Man, born to wander, in constant search of gold.
Seeking to dig earthy treasure while true gifts are burred deep in Gods soul.

Cobwebs of sorrow that clasped my lungs
peal away in every day I wake to the new dreams with hope

Bound me to every promise I make

Spring joy
Produce fruit of courage
Cultivate gardens
Starve seeds of fear
Bud everlasting friendship
and thy soul shall never starve again

I am the ocean tide. I am the setting sun.
I am the moon that shines, lighting your dark night.
I am the fragrance sweet on your tongue.
I am the rain filling up your glass jar of time

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