~Letter For My Friend~

Dear Friend,

Do you wake up excited to be alive....thankful for such a blessed gift?
A new day to discover has arrived!

Or do you pull up the covers turn your head and hide...
feel as if your heart is dead and numb inside?

Each day we're alive lends us a second try to find the purpose
Gods given to you. Never treat life as if breathing is all there is to do.

Look for beauty and you will see the miracle you were born to be.
Loved by your Creator who desires to mold and strengthen you.

He will hold you up as you reach for the sky, and smile when you take flight.
Live your life as it was meant to be, not in chains but set free.

When the days are cloudy, remember even then the sun and rays
of hope can break in. God's promise strong and true no matter how far you think you've gone,
He has never left you.

Life is amazing! So please don't waste it, live as if its a gift for it is true
Jesus died to give His life for you.

If you say you cant live because you have nothing left to give ,
then live it for Him until the day He comes back for you!

If your eyes become covered by lies, darkness and shame, I will be the light to help
you see again and point out the path that leads to life my friend.

Life is worth living, but you must let go of regrets and run to THE ONE who's grace
never ends. Then beauty will become your life again.

I Love You My Friend!


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