~Sincerely Sorry~

I must apologize for things I can barely describe in which I think I might have done

Causing unpleasant tides and confusion deep inside

have hurt you and made your life un-fun with all the stupid things I have said and done!

I never wanted to cause you pain or be a pain....
I take all the blame

I am completely sorry

Of my behavior deeply ashamed

Burdening you has burdened me

I hope my apology sets you free

Before I turn to go there's something you must know "I love you"

This is the truth

I have all along

Showing you I have failed but in this poem the real truth unveiled.

For every wound,
with a kiss I will replace

Time and tenderness

Your hurt I will erase

I will be your safe hiding place

Never again do I want to see pain worn on your face

Please, allow love back in your heart

Its rightful place

I am sorry for hurting you its never what I wanted to

My sincere apologies except as I pour my heart out and lay out all my deepest regrets

K. L.

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