Off  tomorrow to fly to Arizona I will be.  Its been so long sinceI have seen moms side of my family. 
It's been 8 yrs and happy I will be to have them again next to me.

I have missed the times at grandma's kitchen table we gathered around together talking and laughing like a family should be.

 This time it wont be the same for grandma is sick and up in age.  Thankful I get to see her and say my good bye's,  show her how much I love her & hold her tight.

I was born in a small town named Bisbee were dessert and mountains meet.   Arizona's beauty still captivates me and soon I will be there and probably wont want to leave.  The land that I grew up in shaped me,  the girl,  the women that's now me.

I grew up climbing mountains and sliding down the "B" and hanging around down town and in the park of Old Bisbee, walking through alleys and breeze ways and at the library we would people watch and hang.

To get to a friends house usually involved a hundred or more stairs to climb.

 Interesting the drive around the pit were they used to copper mine. 

Walking up the gulch were the houses build on mountains sides all in a row and look as if they could fall at any given time.

Those who read this wont understand the meaning unless you too grew up same as my sister,  brother's and me.  And what fun times we shared in the small town of Bisbee!

It will be sad when I say good bye to family and friends as Bisbee I leave to come home again.  But happy greeting the ones who prayed for my safety and lovely awaited at home for me.

Their smiles at the airport will melt any sadness left from my Bisbee's depart.


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