~Co Eternal~

I still look for you even when I know your not there

I call for you when I know you cant hear

My heart it cries

Begins to tear

Each day I dont have you here

I want to see & feel you near

It seems it should be easy

Letting you go

Since it's true

We never had a chance
to see how our love would grow

I ask why?

Why it hurts so?

It is because

Your touch
my skin has never known

My arms need to feel you at night when I am cold

Warm touch of lips

Never kissed

Never to watch in your eyes
passion unfold

You taste sweet in my mind
 only existing in my dreams

Keep you in my heart

If I could get close enough to trace the lines on your face & deep in your eyes gaze

I would ask you to tell me;
when did I become a mistake or would I be a risk you are willing to take?

Maybe one day I can put my thoughts to rest for now I cant help myself..

What if...our love story turns out to be
better then the best of writers would write it to be

You could be my destiny

I shall continue my waiting

In time I will see

For you & I have never had the chance to meet

My love story un-told


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