~Learn, Love, Live~

I have learned to live,
but first I had to learn to forgive.

It has not always been easy,
in my short life I've taken some pretty hard hits.

Some things I 've had to let go accept how it is.

Thankful for all my pain
because without it I would have never learned
how to pick up the left over pieces & carry on without giving blame.

A strong, amazing & beautiful women I can say confidently
though love has let me down, cut deep & caused me to bleed

I will carry on even when it hurts with grace and dignity
continue down my path of giving love un-selfishly.

In this world I have found joy comes in sharing
not in living as if its all about me.

I don't want to live a life that's bitter,
giving love has been my healer.

Proud that I can say anger has no more hold on me,
I am free to show people how much they mean to me.

I have no regrets in wearing my heart on a sleeve

I see nothing wrong in giving love when the time is right and so too is the need.
I even learned to let go when my love has not been received.

I struggle just like you, don't get me wrong

At times it is hard to carry on

I sometimes wonder where I belong...guess what I am trying to say is....

Life is better when lived for today,
stop living in the past
learn from your yesterdays

To people don't be cruel you never know what they are going through.

We all make mistakes and need forgiveness for stupid things we all do.

If someone wants to give their heart to you,
don't be a fool and let them get away from you.

Run after the one who wants to love you,
someone like them may never come your way again.

Sometimes you have to take the chance, open your heart,
love someone back,
even if you get hurt

Not loving at all will leave you alone and that in the end will hurt worst my friend.



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