~Grace Becomes Beauty~

I am beautiful , yes me
I know because my beauty goes beyond where eyes cant see

My beauty not found in my style & drees

My waist
curved hips & sway

Nor in my eyes
lovely gaze
deep sea of blue

Soft golden hair that begs your fingers to run through

Or my lips how they pout

No... these are not what my beauty is about
all nice to look upon maybe

My true beauty is found
when you look into the heart of me

In how I love..
not shallow but intense & deep

My passion...
a hot furnace
its warmth, not for me to keep

My heart is tender..

I have hard working hands
unafraid to share with tender caresses waiting there

A mighty oak
strong & courages
taking a firm stand

I've learned this truth

In lifes storms bend with the wind
or troubles will conquer & break you

With wings of light
rise above the dark night

Let go of my past

I know how it feels to come alive,
triumph when I thought I would not survive

Bitterness will not take root & destroy me

I have compassion..

When I see my fellow man deep in burden
it hurts me

I do not lust for riches or gold

I own many diamond already
gifts from the sky

Creation is the only gift I need

Beauty is my praise & worship to the ONE TRUE GOD

Whom gives life & breath to all things on Earth,
Heaven & beyond.

I want my life to be a reflection of Gods mercy

Give grace & bread
to those in need

I am a lamp
Jesus my light

I am Gods child undoubtedly

I am beautiful, yes me...

But please look again,
beyond what eyes can see

For rot my body will do taking all that you see from you

True beauty is what I will leave

It is what I give

Living on
through giving it to you


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