~My Angel~

I had a wonderful dream last night

Jessica came to visit me

Though I know it was not real

I was asleep

I felt her warmth when she hugged me

I woke up feeling a bit misplaced

I was not ready to end our embrace

She sat at the edge of my bed

We talked and laughed like we used to
as if she were alive today

But I knew deep inside she could not stay

She would go back
to her new home that far away place

She was telling me her and the boys were ok

Saying to move forward

In sorrow do not stay

Its been so long yet she looked the same

No resemblance of death nor marks could be seen of how her life ended

Sudden & violently

Just her beautiful smiling face


She wanted me to make a promise

Always put God first

Love our Father, Mother, Sisters & Brothers

Beyond what I should

Be a real friend

Extend kindness beyond my neighborhood

Live in a contestant state of childhood

Keep going in life
never look back

You came to me last night

I dreamed for the first time since you passed

Thank you for reminding me

Love is the reason life is good


I need you and it still hurts

It stings

I would rather have you alive next me me
then my Angel watching over me


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