~Coconut Scented Dream~

I lay on silky sheets of sand
warmed by a yellow blanket of sun

I watch the ocean colored sky
play with pillows of fluffy white

My senses filled with bliss & delight

The beach
salty wind in my hair

A piece of Heaven on a hot summer day

My lips spread in a smile
as I rub my body with sun tan oil

Put my cool dark shades on
to help hide my looks toward him

I cant stop starring at his magnificence

He is a sun kissed paradise
with coconut scented skin

Glances meet

Eyes talk

Heart stops

He smiles at Me

I smile at Him

He smile's back again

He comes close

I lean in

Intoxicated by the smell of him

Soft moment
shy lips crave

His bronzed hand
holding my porcelain face

Coconut smile
tasted so sweet

In the sun
on the beach

Beep Beep

Alarm clock screams


The End..........
Of my coconut scented dream......................


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