~Left With A Scar~

I got a call from my brother today....how are you?
I am fine and you I say?

The weather is good but work is not. 
My kids are growing but bills don't stop.

Time sure does fly, 
 its been a couple years now since I've last seen your smile..

This goes on for a moment or two.
How is dad, does he talk to you?

This question stirring painful memories,trying to hide it,
I say no, which is the truth must it be told. I can sense he's still hurting too

Our conversation turns to a familiar yet far way place,
back to our childhood that dark and often scary place.

We laugh a little at first remembering some of the funner times.

Some memories hard to believe are true
like salt on old wounds and deep was the cut that we both new.

See, we grew up in a broken family like a lot of other folk do.
When I say broken it was often black and blue.

Hurt by his hands often,
torn asunder, and abused, things that a child should never have to go through.

Scared of him I used to be
not wanting him to hurt my brothers and me.

Time is a healer the ole saying is...and I believe it's true for I do not hurt as I once did, and have even forgiven you.

Thinking about it now what hurts the most is watching dad grow old with no remorse,
his heart still hard, his love still cold.

That for me is the deepest wound he has bestowed.

I miss you brother I tell him as we say goodbye.
I love you so much and hang up the phone to cry, not out of pain but relief

I'm no longer that scared angry child left alone to grieve.

A strong women now and so very blessed,
thanks be to God who has healed and given my soul rest.

I have peace now torn I am no more but I always carry my scar

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