~Lifes Seasons~

Summer Heat~

I love being in the hot summer sun
their days are long and full of fun

Strong rays melting winter blues

Heat wave in my soul

Skin a soft glow
sun kissed and golden infused

Take heed

Find Sheltering

Burned & thirsty
the sun will make thee

Autumn begins~

Cool weather has begun
Crisp the air becomes
Soon long days of sun shine will be done

Outside bright colors have come to play
dancing on the leaves in festive display

As we pile on more clothes to cover from the chill in the air
Autumn is telling the trees it's time to go bare

Scent of apple cider
wood burning stove's
capturing the heart & alluring the soul

Cold arrives with Winter~

Then comes the days that are so cold
color has gone and time has froze

Landscape now winter grey
little light and bitter cold nights

From my window view
nature appears dead

Sun, where have you gone

Why have you fled?

God, my heart's cold
frozen and covered by snow

I need Your warmth Lord, to blanket my soul

The sun begins to peek
darkness and grey fade

Life is not dead

It needed time to sleep away

Spring arrives~

Life is in bloom
filling the air with sweet perfume

Budding flowers clothe the tree's

Daffodils carpet the ground beneath

Back are the days of sunshine

Warming from the sun

Earths time for unfreezing has began

This is my favorite time of the year

Witnessing such beauty as life reappears

Listen to the music

Birds singing fills the air
happy too Spring is finally here

Joyful hearts beat
thankful to receive such gifts

Warm showers, gardens & flower bouquets

Life's Seasons~

Life's seasons constantly changing

If it did not
spiritual growth would rot

Gifts of wisdom

Lessons learned

Every experience
leaves us transformed

People like life never stay the same
with time we too change

God's love is the only constant

He alone remains the same

Today is a gift

Tomorrow always comes to fast
Live today as if it will be your last

Love as if you've never been hurt

Give all you have even to people who never love back


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