~Nectar & Thorns~

I am a garden
beauty is my form

Petals are my grace

Delicateness perched atop strong stems
wrapped in a soft sweet fragrant case

I will blossom for you
if you tend me with care

Give your life
a colorful veil

Protect me
from the chocking weeds

Be my white picket fence
my constant surrounding

Water me from the deep well of your love

Harvest the fruit
reap the gifts

My nectar is sweet as is my love

Breath deep
my fragrance filling your lungs

I kiss you
with rose buds

Soft petal curves
open up

every intricate detail

The flower
surrendering herself

Into my gardener's hands

His senses
become filled

I am his
he is mine

Love in bloom
under perfumed skies


But a warning I tell..

If you are careless with me
my thorns will puncture thee

And if you cut me down
I will grow back more vigorously


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