~Call Me A Dreamer~

Your face a dream
I can not awake

Deep eyes
handsome face

A smile
my memory cant erase

My nights
are filled with thoughts of you

My days, well you fill them too..

My soul is dry & thirsty

Hungry and in need of you

My heart I offer in asking,
sweetly fill me with you

Your one of Gods most beautiful creations to me,
how could I not want to taste and drink you in deep.

To call you lover & friend,
be with you until eternity ends.

I know you feel the same for me
while sleep I can feel your heart

Beating within me

I don't know what I would do if I was standing before you

I would probably think I was dreaming, to good to be true

Make a wish and hopes it finds you

Fulfill my desires of being with you


1 comment:

  1. Sweet expressions in your lines...
    You look like a princess :)