My name I hear you call,
 my heart strings feel your pull

As your soul longs for me ..
 mine longs to be with you constantly

I feel your presents so near to me

You follow me into my sleep,
 becoming my dreams

You are sun rays,
 your warmth gently caressing my face

In the breeze I feel your gentle touch,
 covering my skin with goose bumps

 runs your fingers through my hair

I listen as you whisper, I want you so... tickling in my ear

I close my eyes to touch your lips
 with my heart your face I kiss

I lay in the grass and watch your face in the clouds that pass

Solid ground beneath
 wishing it was your arms holding me

Embraced by imaginary
 longing for loves security

My mind and thoughts continue to play tricks
or a premonition of what's going to be?

Will I soon have you here next to me?

My feelings for you have become more clear

My love is nothing less then sincere

The time we spend apart only draws you near

logged within my heart

I look ahead to the time where reality and premonition meet

When face to face you and I will be



  1. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Blogger by Passion.

    Deep sense of longing felt in this poem.
    You have nice blog images.
    Beautifully expressed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  2. Lovely Poem! I hope only the best for you Hun! {{HUGS}}