~ Time & Love Have No End~

Thinking of you has become a trend,
I am wondering when you will come home again

Why did you have to go away ?

If we could go back to that first hey
for me that would be a happy day

Time keeps slipping away and with it your face so fine,
please let me look at you even if it's one last time

I don't want to miss what could be cause of much bliss
lets not let it end like this

Can we go back and change our history?
I don't think so, but our future we still hold

Its up to us what we shape and mold and what we allow to turn into dust
I don't want dust to become us

Is starting over possible?
Yes, I think so

The beautiful words you spoke to me
remain in my heart where your face I too keep

I will wait here patiently
until the day you return home to me

On my porch I sit and watch
throwing away the clock

For I do not want to keep up with the time we're apart
nor of the time we have lost


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